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Understanding the Client's vision, and then bringing it to life, is magic.

Molly is an award-winning retail store designer and former business owner of ARTIFACT, the first hand made, up-cycled, recycled, repurposed, eco-friendly art store in Las Vegas. Molly was born and raised in Las Vegas, and attended Loyola Marymount University where she succeeded in Art and Communications. It wasn’t long before she was working with major retailers from all over the world. She was the Assistant Director of Stores for Wynn and Encore for seven years before finding her authentic entrepreneurial spirit. Once reprimanded for being “too creative”, Molly is on a mission to help others to stop waiting and start creating a career by design like she did.

ARTIFACT was her first retail store where the ordinary was art and the local community could come to celebrate their own unique creativity and authentic selves. From her award-winning retail store she transitioned into creating event installations where she could work in all artistic mediums. “Understanding the client's vision and bringing it to life, is magic. To see your creativity and passion understood and appreciated is humbling and thrilling. Being a magic maker is the best job in the world.”

When Molly is not designing, you can usually find her, along with her husband and two boys ,traveling, watching baseball or on their snowboards. 

Molly Gaddy-Walters, Co-Founder, Artist & Decor Specialist

From profession

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area,  Jennifer French started her visual design career as a photographer’s stylist, creating sets, providing props, and making things look perfect for the camera. She worked on such accounts as Starbuck’s, Macy’s, Sutter Home Wines, and Wired Magazine, to name a few. Along the way,  Jennifer's passion for flowers grew so fierce, she gave up her job in a photo studio in order to work in a flower shop to learn the trade. In 2002, 

she opened Lush Floral, specializing in bridal and special event flowers. After many years of being one of the most sought-after floral specialists in the the Bay Area and  Wine Country, Jennifer took some time off to raise a family. In 2011, she and the family moved to Las Vegas. Since then, Jennifer has had the opportunity to work with some of the best creative professionals in the Las Vegas area and is again asserting herself as one of the premier niche floral designers and visual stylists in the region, focusing on weddings, events, and private and corporate clients.

When Jennifer is not designing, she enjoys spending time with friends, being a proud Soccer Mom, and mastering her online Scrabble skills. She enjoys coffee and wine in equal measure, though not usually at the same time.

Jennifer French, Co-founder, Stylist & Floral Designer
Better Together.
Why two creative minds are better than one.

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our  unique and differing styles challenge each other to stretch beyond our usual comfort zones, and that's where the spark ignites.

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