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5 Ways to Have a Summer Wedding in Vegas (without dying from the heat)

Bride and Groom in front of the Las Vegas sign
Ivan Dianna Photo | Oh My Posh Events | Flourish LV

Las Vegas is one of the world's hottest destinations for travel, and for weddings. And by hot, I mean, H-O-T. Yes friends, as I write this the forecasted high for today is a balmy 108. That's down from the previous couple of days where we experienced the fry-an-egg-on-your-windshield temps of 112 or so. Maybe you're thinking, how can anyone survive in that heat, let alone, have a wedding? Well, the geckos, cacti, myself, and many wedding specialists who've been living la vida caliente all summer have compiled a few helpful tips if you should find yourself planning a summer wedding in our beautiful city.

#1: Plan Your Nuptials During the Cooler Time of Day

Bride and Groom in front of floral arch agains Vegas sunset
Its hard to top a Vegas sunset | Cashman Photo

If you're really dreaming of exchanging vows outside, plan on doing it toward evening as the sun starts to set. That way, though it may still be warm, you won't have the intense sun beating down on you and your guests all through the ceremony. Bonus: If you time it right, you just might get the most spectacular backdrop from our Vegas skies that money simply can not buy.

Another idea? "Elope" before the wedding! Save your guests the anguish of pan-frying their rear ends on hot chairs that have been set up for your outdoor ceremony. Let them go straight to the reception. You, your new spouse, and your officiant (along with those close, ride-or-die friends you want by your side) can go to the desert early in the morning for a sunrise ceremony --(best way to beat the heat and the photos will be fab). Then, meet up with your guests at the reception later in the day at the hotel, country club or restaurant of your choice--for cocktails and dinner and dance the night away, all in the comfort of some grade-A air conditioning. Bonus: This option ensures your photos are done and out of the way so no one has to wait around for you to make your entrance to the party and you get to spend more quality time with your guests.

Bride and Groom at Red Rock
Julia Duke Photo | Flourish LV

An evening ceremony under the bistro lights and candlelight dinner to follow

#2: Choose Your Wardrobe Wisely. Dress for success--not sweat.

If you can break out of the formal mode--why not? It's Vegas, so anything goes. Brandalyn McNeill of Oh My Posh Weddings says: "Wear light, breathable clothing (no suit jackets, and heavy gowns.)" In addition, she urges, "... make sure to have a great makeup team that will help set your makeup to last through the heat, and maybe opt for an up-do to help stay cool!"

Trusted make up artist Megan Payne of MakeUp in the 702 suggests planning a make up trial whenever possible so you can not only plan your perfect wedding day look, but also get a chance to wear it throughout a typical day and see how it holds up. Meg's team ensures "15- hour transer-proof and moisture-proof make up and wind-proof hair up to 40 miles per hour." Babe, you're gonna want that!

Keeping it cool in the Downtown Arts District | Carrie Pollard Photography

#3: Bring the Outside In

Vegas is full of venues with incredible views, including hotels, country clubs, and private estates. Standing in front of a picture window with a beautiful skyline behind you can feel just as special as actually being outside. But any venue, and we mean ANY venue can be transformed if you have the right team of vendors to make it happen. Brandalyn McNeill had the vision to transform this quaint restaurant in Lake Las Vegas into a stunning ceremony and reception space in one. The Flourish team created a stunning staircase entrance for the Bride which later transitioned to an enchanted entrance to the dance floor. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by gorgeous, dripping, floral and greenery? And from a floral design perspective, it's so much more impactful to have the floral surrounding you indoors, throughout your entire event, rather than wilting away outside, barely lasting through your 30-minute ceremony.

Photo by: Taylor Made Photo LV | Planning by Oh My Posh Events

#4: Plan to Get Wet

My dad always used to say, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." And my cool friend and awesome photographer Carrie Pollard says, "Have your wedding early in the morning and hold your reception poolside!" (Just like these two did for their Shark Tank wedding.) Every hotel venue in town has an awesome pool, so why not take advantage. If you know it's going to be too hot for comfort on your wedding day, have the party in the water. Avid SCUBA divers, Kacper and Deana said their "I Do's" in the Shark tank at the Golden Nugget, followed by a party in the pool. Vegas, Baby!

# 5: Make Your Guests' Comfort a Priority

We all know the Big Day is about you,'s about your friends and family, too. Be honest with your wedding coordinator, venue coordinator, make up artist, floral designer and everyone on your team. If your ABSOLUTE dream is to have a ceremony outside. By all means, your team will do everything in their power to make it happen for you. But remember, unless you are eloping, it is not just you and your beloved out there in the heat. It's your friends, family and guests that are there to support you. And support you they will, unless of course, they faint from heat exhaustion. (Don't laugh. We've seen it happen). Angelica McDonnell of Angelica Rose Events posits, "Think of the guests that will be attending. Are they older? Younger? Anybody attending that is pregnant? Make sure your guests know how hot it gets so they can dress appropriately and be well prepared." She also advises, "Create cooling experiences throughout the wedding. This can be anything from ensuring there is a water station at the ceremony, to serving ice cream or popsicles (they even make boozy ones!) ... Also, if your wedding is all outdoors consider providing cooling cabanas for your guests to take a break in from the heat!"

And finally, you'll stress less if you have a plan B. Just like a plan for rain, the plan B is there incase your wedding day threatens to cook you and your guests. Make a back up plan you can live with and agree with your team on when you'll make the call and under what conditions. If you ask us, anything over 100 degrees is just too uncomfortable to be sitting outside in for long. Your guests will not only be cranky, but for some folks the heat can be downright dangerous. Agree on a temperature limit, and stick to it. If the forecast calls for 110-degree-heat the day of your wedding, make the call and trust that your professional team will do everything in their power to make your indoor ceremony as magical as any outdoor event.

Bride and Groom infant of circle arch ceremony
An indoor ceremony can be just as magical --and more comfortable--as an outdoor one! Haley Rinn Ringo Photo | I Do Details | Flourish LV | The Doyle

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