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Elegance : Always On Trend

The times may be changing, but one thing that will never change (no matter how big or how intimate weddings are these days and will be for a while) --elegance is ALWAYS in style. Here's a look at one of our favorite weddings we created floral for last wedding season.

Jordy and Josh chose an elegant, black, white and deep red theme (with black and gold accents) for their October wedding at Dragon Ridge Country Club in Henderson, Nevada.

All of the details for the entire event were lovingly and scrupulously overseen and planned by the amazing Arlene Barba of Semper Fi Events. The day was captured by the enormously talented Chelsea of Chelsea Nicole Photography. Floral by Flourish, of course!!

It's hard not to love a bride as fun and full of joy as Jordy is. From our very first meeting, we just couldn't wait to make her day special. She is just so much fun to be around...

Arlene of Semper Fi Events, couldn't wait to present Jordy with her bridal bouquet-- a rich textural mix of white, deep, dark reds, and touches of grey.

This is the reaction every floral designer hopes for!! (Squeals!!)

I LOVE first looks...

Oh, the anticipation ....

And then THIS moment. (Goosebumps). These two are the cutest.

The love is in the details.... Including a handkerchief from Jordy's grandmother wrapped around the handle of her bouquet-- and a custom lining in Josh's suit jacket. (Go Knights Go!)

Bride Tribe on point with their array of beautiful, sparkly champagne and gold dresses. (I love it when the 'Maids get to pick their own dresses--who's with me?)

We mustn't forget our adorable flower girls.

I have a special place in my heart--for Moms walking their daughters down the aisle.

Despite some seriously forceful Las Vegas winds, their dreamy outdoor ceremony went off without a hitch (or *with* a hitch--if you like puns).

Now guys, can we talk about how the room came together for the reception? Every detail was put together with such love. The black and white elegance, with touches of gold and deep red accents just oozes sophistication. Just take a look at the reaction we got when Jordy and Josh saw their reception for the first time:

And as a special surprise from the Mother of the Groom, we created a stunning backdrop to the head table: A custom-built candle wall with over 150 candles in varying sizes, adorned with elegant floral in their color palette. I mean, go big or go home--amiright? The urns that served as the floral base of their ceremony arch were brought inside and placed on each side of the stunning display, making it all the more lush.

The tables were set with three varying styles of moody and elegant floral decor. A tall, elegant black candelabra with all-white floral, a low combo of color-blocked floral in a trio of smoky black glass vases, and a rich textural centerpiece in a gold chalice.

Even Chance the Raptor approved! (Yet another fun surprise planned for the Golden Knights loving bride and groom!

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