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7 Reasons Having a Micro-Wedding is Just as Good as (or Better!) Than a "Big" Shebang

Bride and Groom hold hands at their backyard boho wedding
J Renee Studios LV | Open Invitation

In the new reality of Covid-19, many MANY of us have had to change plans. Vacations, holidays, birthdays, and graduations have all taken a different turn for just about every person we know. If you were planning a wedding in 2020 (or heck, even 2021, who can guess at this point) surely, the original vision of your "Big Day" may have changed, or you may be considering making changes. One trend we see happening here at Flourish, is weddings (and most all celebrations for that matter) will be getting smaller. In an effort to keep the number of people in social gatherings to a minimum, and due to the undeniable fact that many of our friends and family are still iffy about traveling, we just can't expect a big crowd (and maybe we don't want one right now, anyway). Think of it: if it's really, REALLY important for your beloved grandparents to be at your wedding, it probably means for them feel (and be) safe, you have to keep your guest count to a tidy 10-20 people. Only close family, and the very few friends that count as family, are going to make that cut.

So, you're thinking ... yes, but that sucks! I had a big wedding planned, and now it's going to feel nothing like that dream day I've been envisioning. I hear you. Go ahead and have a moment. Cry it out. It's ok. We'll wait. Because unless you're willing to put your wedding off for an entire year, you might be looking at having a micro wedding. All done crying? Good. Wipe your tears, friend, because we're about to tell you

7 reasons why having a micro-wedding actually rocks and is perhaps (dare I say it?) even better than the Big Fête you may have originally been planning.

1. Your Wedding Can Be Anywhere.

Like, literally, anywhere. You only have 10 people? Your entire wedding and reception can take place in the back yard of your family home, in a luxury hotel suite, or your favorite restaurant. That definitely cuts down on planning stress. Think of it: One location means no need to worry about shuttling guests from one place to another, it means only one location to book (or borrow) and your vendors only have to make one stop to set everything up. Not only that, having it all in one space makes your day feel so incredibly intimate. And intimate means special. Also, easy... calm. Imagine yourself taking a sip of champagne from the verandah as you await your guests' arrival. All the details have been set. Your most important people are with you (mom, BFF, sister), and you are already where you need to be. Ahhh. Let the day unfold.

Bride and Groom hold hands and smile at each other
An intimate backyard wedding at a family home can be magical | J Renee Studios | Open Invitation

A backyard boho wedding features comfy blankets, pillows and poufs for seating
A backyard wedding allows for a lot of creativity | J Renee Studios | Open Invitation

2. There's No Limit to Having Amazing Photos to Remember Forever

Wedding guests gather at the famous Las Vegas Sign for an epic photo
Everyone at your wedding in one photo! | Ivan Diana Photo: Oh My Posh Events

Having a smaller group to wrangle means everyone can get in on the fun. You'll be able to have a photo with EVERY guest at your wedding. How cool is that?

Additionally, having a smaller wedding probably means you'll have more available time to spend with your photographer. Photographers love that! If you're up for it, head out with your honey, away from the city to grab some shots with those scenic vistas we have in large supply here in the desert.

Go explore more scenic possibilities | Julia Duke Photo

And, without being so rushed, relax and have fun. That always shows in your photos. You might even enjoy your photo shoot just as much as the wedding itself.

Bride and Groom take a minute alone
Relax and enjoy your day | Ashley Flaig Photography

3. You Can Have Your Dream Backdrop

Now, this is the time I need to grab you by your beautiful little face and look deep into your eyes and tell you this: Just because you're having a small, intimate wedding, does NOT mean you need to skimp on your ceremony backdrop. Having a smaller guest count means you might have more room in the budget for decor. That's a good thing! Think of it. Your ceremony backdrop sets the scene for your entire wedding; it's where you will walk up to meet your spouse (or maybe you'll walk up to it together). It's what your guests will be staring at while they sip their custom cocktails and wait for you to make your grand entrance, and it's what will be the backdrop to SO many wedding photos. And, believe me when I say, that after you're married and cocktail hour begins, ALL of your guests will want to do their wedding-day selfies in front of that beautiful backdrop too. It's going to get a lot of play. So, please, don't skimp. Have the wedding backdrop of your dreams, m'kay?

A gorgeous, lush, floral archway
Go for it with your backdrop! Gaby J Photography | Symphony Weddings

Bride and Groom stand under the mandap
Don't skimp on your ceremony vibe | Wedding Documentary

4. Quality Over Quantity

And, while we're talking about not skimping, just think of this fun fact: Because you will have fewer guests, you'll have fewer tables to decorate. A smaller bridal party to pamper. Fewer meals to pay for. Know what that means for your budget? Yeah, it means there's more $$ to go around. So, instead of serving Two-Buck-Chuck at dinner, you might be able to splash out for some Vueve Clicquot. It means that every single guest gets the best of the best. With only 10-20 people to feed, why not have the type of gourmet meal you would most enjoy having on a special occasion. And what occasion is more special than your wedding day?

A plate of delicious food
Only the best for your guests | Adi Nevo Photographs

5. The Love is in the Details

Speaking of having fewer tables to decorate, why not work that to your wedding day dream advantage and really go all out on the decor for your one big table or few smaller tables. Really, we always say, the love is in the details. A lot of times, when our couples have 10, 20 or even 50 tables to decorate, their decor budget gets spread a little thin. They may opt for the smaller centerpiece, the less expensive linens, or fewer candles, to make that decor budget go the distance. Not so when you only have a few tables to worry about! Go all in and make the table decor sumptuous and a feast for the eyes. Really get your creative juices flowing and wow your guests when they arrive at their seat.

A boho table setting with macrame runner
Let your personality shine through the details at your table | Flourish LV | RSVP Party Rental

6. Make Every Guest Feel Special

Ever been to a wedding, and gotten a bag of Jordan almonds, or, a coaster with the couples' wedding date on it as a favor? How memorable were those (and do you still use the coaster?) When you have a hundred or more guests, it's hard to give each one a special gift to say thanks for being a part of your day. But when they've invested time, money and have travelled to be there to be by your side, it feels like a let down to give them something cheesy. But who can afford a luxury gift for each and every guest? Well, if you've only got your closest crew with you there on your big day, you can! Think of how much they will appreciate a thoughtful gift (like these pashmina shawls for each of the female guests at Barbara and Eric's backyard wedding, planned by Darby Fitzpatrick of Open Invitation) or a flask engraved with your wedding date, or even, personalized to each guest. It's more like the type of item you'd give to your wedding party. And since everyone one there is your nearest and dearest, they really are like one big extended wedding party. So treat them to some good stuff.

Another fun way you can spread the love to your guests, is by providing more fun activities and experiences for them. Maybe a gourmet food truck at the end of the night, a specialty cigar rolling station, or something really special for young and old alike such as this popsicle stand from The Joy Pop Co.

Three friends enjoy an ice cream
Nicole Hernandez Photography | Scheme Events

7. You Actually Get to Spend Quality Time with Your Guests (and Your Spouse!)

This one is a no-brainer. I can't tell you how often we hear from our past clients, "The whole day was a blur!" It's hard to spread yourself around to 100 or 200 people in the course of 5 or 6 hours, and really be spend meaningful time with each of them. More than likely, you won't even get around to each and every person. When you think about it, that's kind of a bummer. Not to mention, when doing that, chances are you and your new spouse will "divide and conquer", in order to make the social rounds. Then you miss spending time with your new hubby / wifey. Dang it! Well, not so when your group is small. Not only can you talk to every single person that is there, you may even remember what you talked about. And, you can enjoy your partner's company all throughout the event. And I mean, really, isn't that what it's all about anyway? And heck, maybe you'll even have time for a second slice of your own wedding cake.

Husband and Wife grab a moment alone and share a smile at their wedding
Husband and Wife grab a moment alone | Adam Frazier Photo | Symphony Weddings

Mom and daughter on wedding day
Spend some quality time with the people that matter most. | Chelsea Nicole Photography | Semper Fi Events
Husband and Wife enjoy a moment together after the ceremony
To have and to hold | Chelsea Nicole Photography | Semper Fi Events

If your'e looking for more planning ideas and advice on how to throw a really special micro-wedding, don't hesitate to reach out to any of the professionals mentioned in this article or reach out to Molly and Jen at Flourish so we can help you with your dream day.

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