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Oh, the Places We Go...

Mini-mony, micro-wedding, adventure elopements, or virtually live streaming your big day.

We have heard it all. The face of the wedding and event world is ever-changing as we feverishly try to keep up with the constantly morphing demands this global pandemic puts on all of us.

We are all trying to stay safe, stay positive, adapt, adapt again, but also live our lives....

Who’s ready to wave the white flag and just get away ?

Molly and I are done wallowing in a wine-soaked pity party. We are getting out of Dodge. Leaving Las Vegas for a bit... white flags waving, ready to have our own Thelma and Louise business adventure. (Without the driving off a cliff holding hands part, of course).

Our summer vacations have been canceled and instead of going to France or Hawaii we will be mixing a little work with play and heading out of town for a micro wedding and some business building (all while following the Covid guidelines, obvi).

As we start to pack up and plan for a busy couple weeks traveling, we received a beautiful gallery from Julia Duke, one of our favorite photographers. And it reminded us: Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the memories we’ve made along the way.

It made us thankful for our upcoming Flourish adventures and for the couples who are brave enough to explore all their options for their big day.

Choosing an adventurous elopement over a large wedding is a big deal, a brave choice, and a beautiful experience

Originally, Paul and Erika had their nuptials planned in Italy... Covid had other plans. Instead, they had their very own adventure elopement in Zion, and we are thankful they took us along for the ride.

We can’t help but be transported by their love for Adventure. And their easy smiles show they are just as happy with the two of them on the side of a mountain as surrounded by people at an Italian villa. We love how they prioritized having an experience and making memories over material things.

In Zion, they hiked to a secluded outlook point for a picnic. It was there they exchanged custom vow books and had an intimate ceremony on their own terms.

They picked out the traditions that were meaningful to them rings, vows, dress, jewelry, flowers and proceeded to put their own spin on it.

We were honored to help them Flourish and look forward to hearing what other kind of memories they make along the way.

Let the adventures begin ......

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