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A Quick Review of an Amazing Year

It's hard to believe we are in a new year! 2018 was truly a whirlwind... and we are continually amazed and grateful for all of the beautiful couples and clients who've been a part of our journey last year. Clearly, blogging has fallen to the wayside as we've been busy building Flourish from the ground up. But, no time like the present to look back at some of our favorite events from the past year (and then some).. here are just a few highlights.

December 30th 2017: Nicole and Josh

Aimlee Photography

We could not have ever dreamed of a more fun, lovable and just all around amazing couple than Nicole and Josh. Their Red Rock Resort New Year's Eve- Eve - wedding was one we will never forget.

It's hard to say which part of their wedding we loved most: the candle-lit poolside ceremony, the transformation of the Cherry Nightclub into a winter wonderland with snow, twinkle lights and birch trees, or the "Bet on Black" gift table. Possibly the most memorable moment was at the end of the evening, when Nicole and Josh took all their cash gifts out to the casino floor, surrounded by their friends and family, and "bet it all on black".... good news! They won--and doubled their money.

March 17th 2018: Talia’s Bat Mitvah

We had the pleasure of creating an awesome party for an equally awesome young lady.... Talia has a wonderful spirit and we wanted that to come through in the details and decor we chose for her celebration. One of her big interests being photography, we carried it through the party decor with painted, stacked, frame centerpieces, camera seating cards, a selfie polaroid station (which doubled as guest “book”) and a fun photo bus for everyone to enjoy...By far the crowd favorite! Though the fabulous candy station was also a big hit!

April 14th 2018: Emma and Sarah

photos by Gin and Sake

How can we even begin to talk about Emma and Sara? Their sunset rooftop wedding at Enclave was full of magic and love. Would you believe they did not have one single flower in their entire wedding? No matter--we created multiple decor elements that spoke to their unique spirit and vibe.

Their table centerpieces were a box with their wedding logo--each containing fun, interactive props and activities to get their guests talking to each other and having fun, such as custom wedding mad-libs, coloring books, bubbles and legos. Sarah, an actress, playwright and book-lover, brought us stacks and stacks of books to use on the tables as well and we highlighted them with candles in our geometric vessels.

Guests had fun playing games like life-size Jenga and custom corn hole (that the brides kept after the wedding). But our most favorite piece by far was the custom book wall seating chart that welcomed the guests to the reception.


a total whirlwind!

The rest of the spring and summer, all the way into fall was a whirlwind of weddings, corporate events, launches, and photo shoots. (yes, more photo shoots!) We got our head shots taken, celebrated our one year anniversary in business, and (finally) finished our web site. We traveled together to Squaw Valley for a yoga retreat and then in the fall got recruited to style two back-to-back wedding photo shoots at a new property in California. (Another post coming on that one!) To say that we feel lucky is an understatement. Yes, we put in the hard work to get this business started, but the clients and projects that have come our way in our first full year in business have been magical. We feel blessed. We are looking forward to an equally amazing 2019 and we hope you will follow along with us!

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